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  1. OdaLisa Nelson says:

    This has brought to mind an experience I had in about 1979. I had recently returned from serving a mission in CA working with those speaking Spanish. I fell in love with those I served and we all worked together not looking at the color of our skin.
    Shortly after my return home, a young girl from my mission in CA came to stay a while with me and my family. She was 16 at the time and trying to get away from the gangs. She was sweet and sincere in her desires to do good. She also had a love for young children and a gift for caring for them.
    A young mother expressed her need for a babysitter and so I mentioned my little friend. I was shocked at her reaction which went something like the following: :”I would never leave my child with a Mexican, they are bad people. They are dirty and brass. They work on my family farm up in Idaho and I don’t like them….”
    I didn’t understand her reaction, and what I wanted to say was the only thing that was going to harm your daughter was your attitude and racism….
    Sad to know that this attitude has persisted through all these years. I am glad the issue is being addressed and I hope it will help change attitudes.

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