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Authentic Questions

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  1. Josh says:

    This sounds like a thought provoking and highly interesting project. As I read the main paragraph describing the ‘authentic questions’, the use of pronouns stood out to me. ‘You’, ‘they’, ‘our’ and ‘we’ are the fundamental driving force of the project. How do these terms affect the outcomes of a research project like this? The language used during the development of these discussions seem likely to have a major effect on the result. It seems as if this would be a topic that would surface during discussions regarding racism. Would avoiding these pronouns be beneficial?

    • Meagan Call-Cummings says:

      Josh – this is a really great thought, and something that I have really struggled with as I’ve created this website. A reader can definitely tell that it is not the same all the way through. Sometimes I say “I”, sometimes I refer to myself in the third person, sometimes I say “my” work, sometimes I say “our” work or “their” project or “her” goals, etc. It is so complicated but something definitely worth thinking through more. I appreciate your keying in on it. Very insightful.

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