Project Empowerment

"Education represents…the need for a passionate commitment by educators to make the political more pedagogical."

- Henry Giroux

What is Project: Empowerment?

Project: Empowerment is an explicit attempt to realize what are often the implicit goals of “empowering” participatory research.  Drawing on several critical social theories, including Jurgen Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action, Paulo Freire’s liberatory education, and critical race theory, empowerment is defined here as a process of gaining an ability, willingness, and opportunity to speak.  Included in this definition is also the potential for one’s speech to be valued and honored.  Project: Empowerment is a space of engagement for all those interested in supporting this process.

Currently the main research project highlighted here, “Why are our teachers racist?” has important implications for what empowerment looks and feels like in a classroom/school setting.  Other projects, including “Who can do research?”, are included in or will soon be added to this website as a way to showcase the empowering potential of participatory research.